Types of Salt


You’ll notice that most of my recipes call for kosher salt. I use it even when baking, and have given the appropriate measurements for using this variety. When cooking for myself and family, I rarely use teaspoons to measure the salt. One of Kosher salt’s benefits is its larger grain, which I like to feel between my finger tips to judge how much to use. Of course the best way to measure the salt is to taste, so no matter what you use always taste your dish at the end and adjust the seasoning appropriately. If a dish is not well seasoned, the flavors will not shine through and the dish will taste flat.

Flaked Sea Salt

I enjoy using flaked sea salt for finishing dishes, when a little sprinkle and crunch for texture are in order. Think of a Caprese salad, finished with a drizzle of good olive oil. A little sprinkling of flaked salt is the perfect finishing touch.

Flavored Salts

There are several different types of flavored salt on the market today, and I like using these as finishing salts as well. A fun, and very tasty way to use them is to serve small bowls with a good loaf of artisan crusty bread and softened butter. A pinch of smoked sea salt or truffle salt on really good bread and butter is the stuff of dreams.

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