• You may recall reading about my recipe box in an earlier story. I received this wonderful gift from my aunt Adrienne years ago, and cherish the heirloom recipes it contains. This dish, Mrs. LaPlant’s Shrimp, is one of the many jewels. On the back of the card Adrienne notes that Bob LaPlant was the first Bealls store manager,
  • These have got a little kick. Not too much – but the sriracha imparts the perfect amount of heat to compliment the garlicky peanut and sweet maple flavors. If you aren’t familiar with sriracha, it is the condiment of the moment. I overheard a family member who lives out in California recently comment, “every restaurant here has
  • If you’re like me and hit the holiday cookies hard, you’ll find this a perfect option for post-holiday “recovery”. A simple, vegetarian dish, it works equally well to feed a dinner party, as it does on any given Thursday night. Nourishing and healthy, this soup is full on flavor and pleases the crowd. In fact
  • A perfectly comforting fall dish that has just a few key ingredients and is easy to put together. The sugars in the squash caramelize during roasting, which compliment the savory prosciutto and nutty brown butter. It’s almost like a grown up mac n cheese, but way more healthy and delicious.  
  • Love Thai food but don’t think you can do it at home? This simple, creamy curry will make you think again. I’ve swapped out some hard-to-find ingredients, like kaffir lime leaves, for regular limes, but if you have access to the leaves by all means use them instead. You can swap out the shrimp for tofu or chicken, and the vegetables
  • Have you heard of fish sauce? It is an amazing flavor component used throughout many Asian and Mediterranean cuisines, adding a deep, briny flavor to dishes and sauces. Restaurants and home cooks alike have embraced it, and if this is your first time using it, you’re in for a treat. I tend to use fish sauce judiciously, so as to not
  • My family loves these chicken skewers and I make them at least once a month. We’ve gotten fond of making homemade pita bread, which I do not call for you to do here, though I may post the recipe into the future as they are delicious and far less fussy to make then you might expect. When you purchase your pita, make sure it is a very
  • This is a great hot-weather salad. It’s cool and crisp, simple yet delicious. You could add grilled shrimp and pineapple skewers for a more substantial dish, or prepare as is for a light summer salad. Pomegranates are becoming more readily available at grocery stores (see my Pro Tips section on how to remove the seeds), but if you
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