• You might think it a bit fussy to bother peeling your bell peppers, but it is a unique twist to this recipe that will make the finished texture worth it. Years ago I attended a cooking demonstration at the Colony on Longboat Key by the legendary Italian chef Marcella Hazan. She instructed us to use a vegetable peeler on the bell
  • Here is another great do-ahead recipe. The filling is a cinch to prepare and you can finish the quesadillas when ready to serve. I often cut them into smaller pieces to plate as hors d’oeuvres, though for a nice light dinner, you can keep them whole and serve next to a salad. The smoky cheese is a key flavor component, which matches
  • The trick to a good grain salad is making sure it is not soggy. Grains can retain water from cooking, and cause the dressing to dilute and the flavors to be muted. My fix for this is easy, and I’ve included it in the recipe instructions. Also be sure to drain the artichokes really well as this could otherwise impart excess liquid- I,
  • Making risotto at home is much easier than you may think. My method requires very little stirring and you’ll still end up with a creamy rice, without having to use any cream. I am often reticent to order risottos out at restaurants, as they tend to take a shortcut to achieve the creaminess by adding loads of heavy cream. It is
  • If you are not familiar with frittatas, they are quiche’s Italian cousin. Prepared without a crust and the typical heavy cream found in quiche, however, they are easier to make and much healthier. Prepare just in time to serve for a brunch party, or as early as the night before (refrigerate and gently reheat before serving to get the
  • Fennel is beloved in my family. Shaved thinly in salads, cut in thick wedges for a veggie platter, or slowly braised with onions and tossed with pasta, we can’t get enough. This is one of our favorite salads – so bright with the addition of fresh herbs and citrus, and with a hearty protein kick from the chicken. I like to have
  • People beg me for my traditional Chili recipe, but when I hand it over there tends to be a deflated look on their faces. My unabridged recipe is quite complex- there are multiple steps, including toasting, reconstituting, and pureeing dried chilis with the toasted spices that I’ve ground in my spice grinder, passing all that through
  • Ripe and flavorful tomatoes make this dish, so I encourage you to make this recipe at the peak of the season. The technique is also important. Seeding your tomatoes, then using a box grater to get a puree will give you the perfect texture for the sauce that will cling to the pasta and the shrimp. With so few ingredients, it’s
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