• Fennel is beloved in my family. Shaved thinly in salads, cut in thick wedges for a veggie platter, or slowly braised with onions and tossed with pasta, we can’t get enough. This is one of our favorite salads – so bright with the addition of fresh herbs and citrus, and with a hearty protein kick from the chicken. I like to have
  • People beg me for my traditional Chili recipe, but when I hand it over there tends to be a deflated look on their faces. My unabridged recipe is quite complex- there are multiple steps, including toasting, reconstituting, and pureeing dried chilis with the toasted spices that I’ve ground in my spice grinder, passing all that through
  • Ripe and flavorful tomatoes make this dish, so I encourage you to make this recipe at the peak of the season. The technique is also important. Seeding your tomatoes, then using a box grater to get a puree will give you the perfect texture for the sauce that will cling to the pasta and the shrimp. With so few ingredients, it’s
  • Not long ago, my daughter wondered aloud what those green and purple pointy cauliflower looking vegetables are in the supermarket. She insisted that we buy one so she could try it, which of course I happily obliged. When we got home she looked it up and learned that romanesco is very similar in taste and texture to cauliflower, but
  • Roasted potatoes are such a welcome side dish to a variety of entrees, so it’s great to have this go-to recipe in your rotation. Once you make these a few times, you might go off script, experimenting with different herbs, or adding spices such as cumin or paprika.     Print Recipe Rosemary Roasted Parmigiano Potatoes Prep
  • I love the combination of black beans and sweet potatoes. The combination is so quintessentially tropical, and manages to be comforting yet not overly heavy. I’m constantly coming up with new ways to marry the two ingredients, from soups to salads to tacos, but landed on this unusual mash-up which received great fanfare from my
  • My kids and I try and schedule a cooking night each week. On their night, they prepare dinner with me start to finish, including dessert – which is not only their favorite part, but likely why they agree to the cooking part in the first place 😉 Most days, after they get home from school we open the fridge together and figure
  • There is something so comforting about Moroccan food. Even though it is certainly on the more exotic side, I find it to be extremely approachable, and appealing to even pickier eaters in the fam. Most dishes have easily recognizable ingredients, readily available in the grocery store spice aisle. I like to make this warming dish when
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