• Creamy yet light. Cold and refreshing. This one’s inspired by my mother-in-law who was just over for a visit and LOVES cold soup on a hot summer’s day. Hey, and green is one of her favorite colors! Not only is my version delicious, healthy and satisfying—  it’s as easy as can be. No need to turn on a stove or oven, this
  • What’s every kid’s favorite food at a cookout? Well, hot dogs, of course. When slathered with ketchup they’re a hit with even the pickiest of eaters. BUT these beauties aren’t meant for the little tot in your life… they are ALL grown up, and ALL yours. Hot dogs are currently having their day in the sun, likely for
  • There must be 101 ways to make potato salad, and in our family we do them all. From the traditional and creamy mayo-based, to the lighter, pucker inducing vinegar-based, I haven’t met a homemade spud salad that I don’t like. Some of the most “out there” versions that I’ve done are an Asian style with miso
  • Top ten reasons you should make THESE burgers for Memorial Day: You can’t get more ‘all American’ than a burger! Use any meat you like: beef, turkey, or even portobello mushroom caps or veggie burgers. A salmon burger or tuna burger would also be fantastic. Heck, you could make this with hot dogs!!! It’s easily
  • Ever since I can remember, family members have been making three bean salads for get-togethers and outings. Perfect for potlucks and picnics, or to have on hand when company comes to stay, they actually get better the longer they marinate, making them the ultimate do-ahead dish. While I named this recipe for my Grandmother, as I have
  • Guacamole is the quintessential party appetizer, and I’ve got a delicious version for your next fiesta. With only a handful of ingredients, you can be munching on homemade guac within 5 or 10 minutes. First, a little backstory. 15 years ago I did a cooking immersion in Oaxaca, Mexico. We focused on traditional recipes and
  • Sink your teeth into this… a low-fuss, high flavor version of everybody’s favorite Tex-Mex dish… FAJITAS! You’ll love the zesty lime, garlic, and ancho chili marinade, but my real twist is the grilled avocados. Sure, you could purchase a good quality store-bought guacamole, but while the grill is going, why not toss
  • It’s springtime in Florida… think outdoor dinners, beach days, and fun in the sun! Over the next several weeks I’ll be offering entertaining ideas while dining al fresco, and highlighting dishes that are perfect for a picnic, a beach outing, or enjoyed while on the water. Local Florida produce that’s in season
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