• Well hello, TACOS. Nice to see you. You look scrumptious… and healthy too? Hearty spaghetti squash, lime juice and garlic, toothsome black beans and spices. It’s veggie taco time… open wide and say YUM! As a kid, tacos were part of my family’s regular dinner rotation. 6 mouths to feed, 1 big pan… it was the
  • Sprinkled with fresh mint and peanuts, this creamy carrot soup ALMOST looks too pretty to be eaten! Be warned though… you’ll want to savor each bite. Dip your spoon once and before you know it your bowl will vanish! Sometimes the sparks just fly. I started tinkering with a healthy, vegetable-based soup recipe for January
  • Sure, getting back on track this January is the target… now MAKE SURE you’re savoring life in the process! My cinch-to-make sheet pan salmon packs the flavor, delivering a restaurant-worthy dish to your table. Beautiful, pale orange salmon topped with deep purple roasted grapes and crispy shallots are so pretty on the
  • Sweet yet savory onion jam. Tangy and creamy goat cheese. With a soft, buttery flatbread as the base. Oh man, have I got a treat for you! Let’s be real. We’re nearing the tail end of a long holiday season. And while some of us are slowing down – and some of us want to go out with a bang 🍾 – what we ALL could use is
  • Shredded turkey so tender it falls apart, bathed in a piquant tomatillo sauce, and oozing with cheese. These enchiladas make a killer Tex Mex meal for any night of the week… but are especially good on the days after Thanksgiving. Let’s be brief. After the main event, everyone is SOOO done with cooking. Been there, done
  • Don’t mind me as I scooch in, this savory classic NEEDS a seat at your Thanksgiving table. No knives here – just a big serving spoon to pierce the crust, and right on in to the warm, custardy interior. Though it looks like cornbread when viewed from the top, this spoon bread is ALL PUDDING on the inside, and it’ll
  • Sure, who doesn’t want to have CAKE FOR BREAKFAST?!? Most days though, and especially this time of year, starting out the day on a healthy note just feels great- as who knows what’s coming next! BUT let me tell you, this slow cooker oatmeal as close to GINGERBREAD cake 🍰 as you can get — though using comforting, healthy
  • Let’s MIX IT UP!  When I’m ready for an autumn cocktail, I’m leaving pumpkin spice for lattes- and eyeing sweet, cozy, APPLE CIDER. And really, could there be a better match for bold, caramelly rum? Grab your punch bowl, because WE’RE DOING FALL, Y’ALL!! 25 or so years ago, I lived in the Northeast and each year come
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