• There’s nothing like the Real Thing! Looking for a super tasty dip for chips and veggies? You can have ALL of the nostalgia, but with decidedly more flavor than from the off-the-shelf stuff! DIY your way to scrumptious snacking with REAL sour cream & onion dip. Normally this time of year I’m contemplating fun, fresh new recipes
  • Whatever the plans, wherever you’ll be this Labor Day, this dish is for YOU! Full of veggies and cheesy tortellini, doused with an irresistible basil vinaigrette, THIS pasta salad screams summer in a serving bowl (or as it may be – a TO-GO container 😀) ! Be gone, boring, gummy, bland pasta salad! No more, I say! How do
  • Packed with flavor. Ready in 2 minutes. AND a healthy start to your day.  This luscious breakfast smoothie is full of tropical vibes and is calling your name. Blend your way to bliss. 😊 August is one of my favorite months of the year. For so many reasons, but not the least of which is mango season! You might recall my three-part
  • Why should white potatoes have all the fun? Sweet potatoes make for a bomber spud salad! Zest it up with a sweet-tart honey lime vinaigrette. This is the perfect side dish for whatever you’re tossing on the grill! — PEAK SEASON ALERT — Key Limes are in their prime! This recipe is part of a three part series highlighting
  • Magic? Well, yes, I’ve heard that! A creamy corn soup… but WITHOUT the cream?? You’ll love this lighter take on chowder, with a perfect hint of smoke and topped with a dollop of lime crema. This is THE soup for summer! When you hear the word “chowder”, you probably think heavy. I do. In fact heaping bowls full of
  • Man these are good! Fresh cherries. Brown Butter. Almond flour crust. Need I say more?! A perfectly crispy press-in base for a custardy cherry-studded topping. Cut into cute little squares for summertime snacking… what could be better? No, REALLY. I swear. THIS is one of my favorite treats. (YES, I have many ; -) I am not kidding
  • A twist on a beloved classic, featuring fiery roasted bell peppers along with creamy fresh mozzarella in an ode to summer. Fresh, bright, unexpected and utterly divine! “Mom!! Something’s burning!” EVERY TIME I roast bell peppers.? Now, mind you, I hear this a lot. I probably roast peppers once a week. They’re a family favorite all
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