• So much better than take-out teriyaki! My salmon bowl with sushi rice is quick and easy, full of flavor and a healthful meal that you can feel good about. Looking for a weeknight meal that everyone will love and is good for you, too? Listen to this line up – salmon, edamame, avocado, brussels sprouts, and pomegranate seeds.
  • A healthy, creamy and cool sipper for morning time, snacktime or anytime! Made with rolled oats, walnuts, dates and almond milk, it’s a good-for-you version of a cinnamon oatmeal cookie! We drink a lot of smoothies for breakfast. Like, a lot. And they always start with the same base… yogurt, kefir, banana, honey- and into the blender
  • Nothing beats a steaming bowl of broth and noodles! Flavorful miso and ginger combine to make this simple supper a crave-worthy weeknight staple. A one-pot wonder, done in under 20! Earlier this week I was sitting in the orthodontist’s office, computer on my lap, getting a bit of work done and waiting for my daughter, Dylan, to
  • Everybody loves a one-bowl dinner. Spice up your pumpkin with ginger, garlic, chilis and turmeric for a supremely flavorful vegetarian stew, served atop a steaming bowl of rice. Last fall, my cookbook club cooked from an amazing new book of Eastern Mediterranean dishes. The table was filled with platefuls of tomatoes, cucumbers,
  • A luscious, creamy soup full of seasonal flavors, and topped with crunchy homemade garlic croutons. Perfect for your Thanksgiving table, holiday entertaining, or a weeknight meal! It’s soup season – we’re in the thick of it, so to speak. Already this fall my family has been enjoying bowlfuls of delicious pumpkin, carrot and
  • An ultra-moist pumpkin bar, studded with mini chips and drizzled with a tangy cream cheese frosting – autumn snacking doesn’t get any better. I’ve been making these bars for years, based on an original Martha Stewart recipe. As luck would have it, the very first time I made them, I made a big mistake. A very great, very tasty
  • Maple-roasted butternut squash & ancho-spiced turkey… rolled inside a soft flour tortilla and smothered with cheese & sauce! Embrace the fall season with this amazing, Mexican-inspired dish. AND bring ZEST to your dinner table. News!!!! Have I got news for you?!? We’re nearly ready to clink glasses! This has been
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