• Charred, tender sweet potatoes bathed in a garlicky, miso-orange vinaigrette… the best way to say aloha to summer, and hello fall! Topped with vibrant cilantro and crunchy salted peanuts, this is one irresistible side. Did you know sweet potatoes are super seasonal? Sure you can find them most of the year, but they are
  • What happens when a juicy fried green tomato takes center stage in your usual BLT? Things get zesty, that’s what! A hefty smear of creamy sriracha sauce, and this sandwich delivers complete and utter satisfaction. This summer, our family took our first “real” vacation since the pandemic began. Our kids were ecstatic – in-flight
  • Moist, chewy and bursting with goodness! These nutty oatmeal cookies are the best kind of dessert for breakfast… healthy AND delicious! “Wait a second, a cookie for breakfast?” my husband asked. I’m guessing some of you have the same thought… so here’s the basic concept: It’s cookie in shape, BUT made with healthy
  • Slow-roast zucchini until they’re soft and scrumptious, mash with traditional baba ganoush seasonings and what do you have? One tasty dish! Perfect as a healthy app, and so good alongside grilled fish steaks or chicken! For the final dish of my 3-part series on dips featuring the best of summer veggies, I give you this
  • Roasted bell peppers, toasted walnuts and tons of zesty flavors make the best and most versatile dip imaginable! Dunk soft pita bread, pita chips or cut veggies, spread it on sandwiches, or spoon alongside grilled meat or vegetables… possibilities abound! One of my favorite condiments of all time has to be romesco sauce… or is it
  • A sweet corn and black bean dip studded with summer nectarines and bursting with flavor! Toss it all in a bowl, open a bag of chips and SNACK ON! Every once in a while I get the notion to do a series. Past themes have featured a three week recipe series on mangoes and another one with key limes– super fun! Kicking off August I
  • Turn off that oven. GRILL your pizza instead! Try mine… a crisp, chewy crust topped with creamy ricotta and grilled garlicky zucchini. #ILOVESUMMERFOOD I’m not a big hashtag-er, but “# I love summer food” is exactly how I’m feeling! There have been two meals that have been on repeat at our house over the last 6
  • A quick and easy summer salad bursting with flavor… and only 6 ingredients! This side dish has all of the zing, none of the fuss! When I think about my early food influences, my grandmother, my mom, and my dad, all immediately come to mind. Such strong forces, I sometimes forget that my soft-spoken, quick-to-belly laugh,
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