• With a zillion options for topping crusty toasts, why carrots? I will tell you! Their familiar flavor is a crowd pleaser, their bright orange hue looks gorgeous on a serving platter, and when they are roasted alongside onions and bell peppers and pureed into a creamy spread, the only thing better is… well, topping it with cheese! You
  • What’s more warming than a bowlful of chicken noodle soup? How about an aromatic, flavorful, Thai-inspired noodle soup made with delicious leftover turkey from Thanksgiving? Mmm, mmm, I can hardly wait for Friday! Inevitably, and often on purpose, there are mounds and mounds of leftovers. Are you one of those people, like me,
  • Brown butter and sherry vinegar come together in this flavor bomb of a dish. These are THE brussels sprouts for your Thanksgiving table. Sweetened with a touch of honey to accent the roasted grapes – and studded with chestnuts for that ultimate holiday vibe – you’re going to love this turkey day side! Every year
  • Slow cooked, soft and luscious sweet potatoes. Perfectly spiced with ginger, cinnamon, cumin & coriander. And oooh… a bit of orange and maple, too! Mmm, mmm. Smells like Thanksgiving in your slow cooker! It’s that TIME!! I started a few weeks ago… and maybe you did too? But now it’s definitely ON. Time to start thinking
  • A simple bechamel turns magical ✨ when you whisk in pureed pumpkin and two kinds of cheese. Perfectly al dente pasta gets smothered in sauce, then baked up with a garlicky breadcrumb crust – say HELLO to comfort! I had a vision for this dish. Something super fall, super comforting, and oh so ooey gooey. Silky pumpkin + mac ‘n
  • A zesty, lemony vinaigrette to dress up your greens. Honey and balsamic are perfect counterpoints to the citrus; the infusion of rosemary adds an herbaceous, earthy note. Up the game with a flavor-packed salad you’ll want to enjoy on repeat! Homemade salad dressings are the best! Besides tasting fresh and vibrant, making your
  • An amazingly moist and delicious muffin cloaked in a good-for-you disguise. Chock full of apples, carrots, dates, walnuts and whole wheat flour, it seems like something you’d find on the menu of a trendy coffee joint in some big city. But NOPE! They’re in YOUR kitchen and making you smile this Sunday morning. 😋 Autumn
  • Open wide! This is a serious sandwich. Crispy fish, creamy avocado, juicy tomatoes and crunchy red onion. Slather on a chipotle sauce for a little heat, and oh my! 😋 Sounds complicated? NO WAY. This beauty will be in your hands in under thirty.  I’m holding back. I ADMIT IT. I’ve dipped my toes in the water, and it feels good! BUT
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