Make Ahead

  • Apples, Pumpkins and Pears, OH MY!! Autumn is officially here. “Lexi, didn’t you just make a cake a few weeks ago?” YES. Yes I did… and do I have ANOTHER beauty for you.  Fall is THE BEST time for baking, and never fear, I’ve got cakes galore (check out my Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Muffins, Pumpkin Coffee Cake with Hazelnut Streusel,
  • It’s time to UP your hummus game. I’ve got just the way to take this standard appetizer from DULL (sorry, it just is) TO DELECTABLE. Sure you can peel back the plastic, and serve it right out of the tub alongside baby carrots and pita chips for an instant appetizer. But once you’ve tasted the GOOD STUFF, you’ll
  • It seems to happen earlier and earlier each year… the great pumpkin invasion. People all across this land go crazy for pumpkin spice anything! I used to try resist the temptation, holding off as long as I could, and saving the bounty for later in October and November. But nowadays I fully embrace pumpkin’s arrival. You
  • Did you wake up wearing your game day jersey? Got your favorite snacks all lined up? Because tonight the pros kick off! Wanna know what I’ve got going? Your new favorite punch. One that will keep you and all your NFL loving friends and family quenched- and stoked for fall. Truth is, it took me a while to come around to Bourbon, or
  • Labor Day is here. Yes, the unofficial END of summer is this weekend. The last big hoorah, the last time we can wear white pants (wait, that’s not still a rule!), and the last excuse to party until… well the next party. Do you know what you’ll be having this weekend? I do. This simple – and simply delicious –  corn
  • When I called my parent’s house last weekend, my dad was excited to be watching preseason football. It really snuck up on me this year… I can’t believe it’s time for football already! Even before thinking to ask how the guys were looking, my mind of course went to FOOD. Tailgating means different things to different folks. For
  • Can you believe it’s already back to school time? This summer flew by for us, jam packed with camps and time with friends and family. Those carefree days and late nights for the little ones have come to an end. And as their minds drift back to the classroom, I’m looking forward to actually being able to get something done start
  • Timing worked out serendipitously for sure. Many weeks ago as I was planning the third recipe in my mango series, cupcakes were on my radar. What I hadn’t done was check the calender! I was born on a Friday, a MONTH after my due date and weighing in at a whopping 10 lbs 12 oz!! – my poor mom. I arrived one day before my
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