Make Ahead

  • KICK IT OFF… with my creamy, cheesy white bean dip! This is a SUPER fun way to enjoy those quintessential GRIDIRON flavors- yeah, I’m looking at you, Buffalo chicken wings! But instead, I’m going with a unique FORMATION! Call this ooey gooey AUDIBLE FROM SCRIMMAGE, and the BACKFIELD (beans, hot sauce, blue cheese and
  • Well hello, TACOS. Nice to see you. You look scrumptious… and healthy too? Hearty spaghetti squash, lime juice and garlic, toothsome black beans and spices. It’s veggie taco time… open wide and say YUM! As a kid, tacos were part of my family’s regular dinner rotation. 6 mouths to feed, 1 big pan… it was the
  • Sprinkled with fresh mint and peanuts, this creamy carrot soup ALMOST looks too pretty to be eaten! Be warned though… you’ll want to savor each bite. Dip your spoon once and before you know it your bowl will vanish! Sometimes the sparks just fly. I started tinkering with a healthy, vegetable-based soup recipe for January
  • Crisp, nutty, buttery cookies with an adorable Italian name — Baci di Dama means “Lady’s Kisses.” These addictive hazelnut treats, sandwiched together with melted chocolate, are a family favorite! AND this year I’ve got these beauties pulling double duty!! As you might remember from prior stories, my family celebrates both
  • It’s Chocolate Peppermint Crinkle time, friends! Crisp on the outside, gooey pepperminty fudge on the inside… I call them CRACKles, because it’s impossible to stop at just one! Here’s how it goes in our house: October = pumpkin, November = gingerbread, and December = PEPPERMINT. The holiday season is the BEST time
  • Tart. Sweet. Creamy. Gooey. CRUNCH! What more does a holiday appetizer need? Hmm, how about stunning good looks, and no-fuss preparation? Make this baked brie – and its zesty orange cranberry sauce – your go-to holiday app! It won’t take long… tummies will start to rumble with the first wafts of savory goodness
  • Shredded turkey so tender it falls apart, bathed in a piquant tomatillo sauce, and oozing with cheese. These enchiladas make a killer Tex Mex meal for any night of the week… but are especially good on the days after Thanksgiving. Let’s be brief. After the main event, everyone is SOOO done with cooking. Been there, done
  • Don’t mind me as I scooch in, this savory classic NEEDS a seat at your Thanksgiving table. No knives here – just a big serving spoon to pierce the crust, and right on in to the warm, custardy interior. Though it looks like cornbread when viewed from the top, this spoon bread is ALL PUDDING on the inside, and it’ll
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