Make Ahead

  • Feed your crew with this crowd-pleaser! Baked on a sheet pan and stuffed with everybody’s favorite party food, spinach artichoke dip, this easy-to-do sandwich will have your fans cheering for more! Whether or not you plan to watch the big game this weekend, my “spinach-artichoke dip” panini is an awesome way to host a gathering of
  • Hazelnut panna cotta for Valentine’s Day! Drizzled with a rich chocolate sauce and sprinkled with hazelnut praline, this luscious dessert is infused with flavor every step of the way. Translated from Italian, panna cotta means “cooked cream.” A much simpler version of it’s custardy cousins, creme brulee or flan, equally delicious,
  • Everybody loves a one-bowl dinner. Spice up your pumpkin with ginger, garlic, chilis and turmeric for a supremely flavorful vegetarian stew, served atop a steaming bowl of rice. Last fall, my cookbook club cooked from an amazing new book of Eastern Mediterranean dishes. The table was filled with platefuls of tomatoes, cucumbers,
  • A bubbling, creamy pasta dish of decadence… send off 2021 with flare. White lasagne, austere and beautiful, flavored with fresh parmigiano, nutmeg and a thick bechamel sauce. Yes, it’s as delicious as it sounds! As I walked into the crowded apartment in Washington, D.C., the theme of the party became immediately evident. It was
  • Come Christmastime, nothing tops chocolate + peppermint! AND this year’s cookie platter is not complete without these tender chocolate numbers, filled with an easy peppermint ganache. My Christmas Eve cookie platter is a point of pride, and a special indulgence my family and I look forward to every year! At least 4 kinds of
  • Meltingly soft cabbage and gooey cheese tucked inside of a savory dinner roll… turn any meal into a celebration! Even bread-making novices will be baking with confidence with this easy to follow recipe! You may have recently read about my culinary approach in the intro of my cookbook- and you know I’m a big fan of updating
  • A gingerbread dream, perfectly suited for holiday indulgence! Slightly set and cakey on top; creamy and pudding-like below. AND the icing on the cake? A dollop of bourbon whipped cream. This is heaven on a spoon! I consider one of my greatest parenting achievements to be that all three of our children will do backflips for
  • Spice up your sangria with flavors of the season! Apple, cinnamon, cloves and orange will take an ordinary bottle of red to festive heights. This is your drink for easy holiday entertaining! You know that feeling when you KNOW you have a great idea, but just can’t quite get all the parts all dialed in? I was aiming for a
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