Make Ahead

  • Fire up the grill!! It’s fun-in-the-sun time. Citrus-marinated chicken with a Caribbean vibe, grilled to perfection and served with creamy coconut rice… the forecast is looking bright and sunny on your plate!! In search of something new and fun to throw on the grill this weekend? Look no further! This recipe is so simple, yet
  • What’s that hopping around the corner? That’s right, Easter’s about here!! I’m sharing 8 of my favorites to brighten your springtime table. What are you making this weekend? The Key Lime Lexi recipe box has loads of great recipes for inspiration- from a brunchy tomato and ricotta tart, to a gorgeous lemon
  • Light, moist and scented with citrus, this Iberian-inspired cake will be the star of your table. A perfectly lovely springtime treat. My first introduction to this cake was long, long ago- and yes, in a land far away! I remember fondly and will always cherish my first bites of this delicacy while traveling with my family through
  • A sweet and spiced sugar cookie that will bring you to the beach. Simple pleasures… that’s what this cookie is all about! Sun on our faces, balmy breezes, family time, and sweet treats. Nothing beats beach time in the Florida springtime! Forty years later I can still feel that excitement of reaching down beneath the water into
  • You choose – breakfast or dessert! Whether you start or end your day with this bubbling baker of sweet, red strawberries topped with a nutty oatmeal crumble, you just can’t lose. 🍓 Everybody’s favorite fruit-laden, baked up treat… the mighty CRISP! Yes, another perfect recipe to try in my new Key Lime Lexi ombre bakeware
  • I am so excited! My new ombre baking collection has hit the stores. Each piece turned out gorgeously, and oh so perfectly functional. I’ll share why they are so special, and my take on the classic Chicken Marbella- the perfect dish to give these bakers a whirl! The 80’s are back, don’t you know? I missed the initial
  • Soft, buttery puffs filled with salted caramel ice cream, doused in a warm chocolate sauce. A classic French dessert that will put smiles on your loved ones’ faces this Valentine’s Day. Mom, this one’s for you! Even though we won’t be in the same spot this year, my mom is my valentine 💖, and has inspired this V-Day treat.
  • An ooey gooey cheese dip that will keep you dunking! Beer + cheese + soft pretzels = very happy snacking. Now that January is out of the way, BEER CHEESE!! I’ve been saving this one. With Sunday’s big event, it’s game on… though a fair question might be, is there EVER a bad time for this cheesy snack? A few years
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