• Did you know that as Americans we waste almost a pound of food per person each day?? Put that in the perspective of how much money literally goes DOWN the DRAIN- or out with the trash- and we’re talking LOTS OF MOOLAH.  We try hard as a family to not throw away food or be wasteful. (Prime example, I just saw my husband put away the
  • Grab your lunch tote, and get ready to liven up your midday meal! Whether you regularly eat at your desk, are packing for the beach or a picnic, or otherwise find yourself out and about, I’ve got 5 healthy and flavor-packed lunch ideas for “on-the-go”.  1. The Quintessential Wrap Easy, fast and healthy… these are good
  • We know this, it’s the little things that matter most. Grand gestures are, well, GRAND and all, but show your loved one how much you care this Valentine’s Day (or ANY day!) with a few small tokens, a sprinkle of thoughtfulness, and some quality time to connect and remember why you love each other so. I polled a few friends and family
  • I. Love. Vinegar. Of all kinds. It’s an ingredient used daily in my cooking. But did you know that it is also a magical cleaning agent? It can do jobs around the house you would never expect! Pick up a jumbo jug of distilled white vinegar and read on to find out the many ways it can make your life easier- and cleaner! Bonus, it’s all
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