Key Lime Kids

  • Do you go crazy for peppermint + chocolate like I do? Wait until you sink your teeth into these rich chocolate brownies. They have a layer of everyone’s favorite candy – Peppermint Patties – baked right in! You may never look at brownies the same way again! Wanna hear something funny? I just found two large ziplock bags
  • NOW is the perfect time for apples. Get ’em fall fresh, and make this chunky homemade applesauce! You’ll love it straight up as a healthy snack… BUT my favorite way to enjoy it is hot out of the oven, dished up à la mode-style, with a scoop of creamy vanilla gelato. YUM! We’ve all got our funny quirks right? Those
  • I scream, you scream. Summertime birthdays scream… for ICE CREAM CAKE! Make a wish, because your dreams are about to come true. Luscious chocolatey goodness. Brownies laced with cinnamon. Whipped meringue frosting. You’ll be floating on cloud 9! Guess what we did? We all piled in the car – three kids, two adults and
  • Why should white potatoes have all the fun? Sweet potatoes make for a bomber spud salad! Zest it up with a sweet-tart honey lime vinaigrette. This is the perfect side dish for whatever you’re tossing on the grill! — PEAK SEASON ALERT — Key Limes are in their prime! This recipe is part of a three part series highlighting
  • This is the star-studded dessert you need this July 4th. A do-ahead, perfectly smooth lemon-infused vanilla pudding topped with RED and BLUE summer berries. Heaven in a jar! I first came across Natilla, a traditional Portuguese dessert a few years ago when I was researching for a dessert to go along with a Portuguese meal I was
  • Man these are good! Fresh cherries. Brown Butter. Almond flour crust. Need I say more?! A perfectly crispy press-in base for a custardy cherry-studded topping. Cut into cute little squares for summertime snacking… what could be better? No, REALLY. I swear. THIS is one of my favorite treats. (YES, I have many ; -) I am not kidding
  • Easy peasy lemon SQUEEZY! A refreshing summertime sipper bursting with fresh watermelon and bright citrus. Perfect for an afternoon by the pool, to take to the beach, or spike this lemonade for a fun cocktail! I don’t know about you, but I can never get enough watermelon in the summertime. Our family goes through a huge melon about
  • Got a minute? Be a superhero with this no-knead, no-rise, super easy, delightfully tangy flatbread. Just stir together, roll it out and flip it on a skillet – THAT’S IT! Perfect for sopping up creamy hummus or serving alongside whatever you’ve got on the grill! These have just the right chew and heartiness, but
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