• You CAN have it all… A quick and easy dinner, full of flavor, without a special trip to the grocery store. Most pantry staples you likely ALWAYS have on hand. Pre-stocking your pantry with a couple more gives you so many options, so many opportunities. These easy pantry meals keep it interesting, with only a few main
  • Cheese crisps are not only a fun snack, they’re a great addition to salads, adding a super satisfying crunch otherwise lacking from regular cheese. Many grocery stores now stock boxes of crispy parmesan in their cheese aisle, but it’s a cinch to make at home and MUCH more economical. Start by grating a hard, aged cheese, such as
  • Sucanat is a less refined sugar readily available at major grocery stores. It retains more of the molasses, which not only gives it a deeper flavor, but also provides nutrients and vitamins that are lacking in white sugar. Calorie for calorie there isn’t much difference between white sugar and sucanat, but I like using it in certain
  • This is a spice that really benefits from buying the whole nutmeg and using a grater to turn it into powder form. You will really notice a difference in flavor. It is a little stronger, so may want to dial back the amount called for in recipes if using fresh grated nutmeg. Honestly, I rarely measure my grated nutmeg – and when a
  • Did you know you can put the leftover rind from your Parmigiano to good use? The “King of Cheeses”, good quality, Italian parmigiano is one of the world’s most beloved. There’s nothing quite like a sprinkling of freshly grated parm on a steaming bowl of pasta or risotto. But once the cheese is gone, don’t toss the
  • A well-stocked pantry is the key to stress free cooking. I like to think of my freezer as an extension of my pantry, and use it to store things like butter, bread crumbs, and certain flours that are not used frequently. Having back up bottles of olive oil, a variety of vinegar, salt and spices among other ingredients will ensure you
  • I try to buy organic produce whenever possible. There are many reasons to buy organic, and keeping chemical pesticides out of our bodies is one. For that reason there are some items that I always make sure are grown organically. Strawberries, apples, spinach, celery, and cherries are on this list, as well as grapes. I also really
  • Lucky Floridians have access to wild-caught and local shrimp. Take advantage of this bounty. Farm raised shrimp, especially from southeast Asia, has been reported to contain harmful antibiotics, bacteria and other chemicals. Avoiding farm raised shrimp and instead opting for wild-caught will also give your dish more flavor. More Tips
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