• A vibrant, grilled vegetable platter bursting with the best of summer’s bounty is delicious enough all on it’s own. Served with a zippy basil vinaigrette and creamy burrata cheese, it’s outta this world! I love my grill. I’m not a grilling guru by any means, but I can still churn out some good stuff (even if my husband thinks I
  • A beautiful, springtime side dish, fresh from the garden. Mellowed and naturally sweetened, butter braised is the BEST way to eat radishes. I’ll admit, I have a bit of a tough time with radishes. There are NOT a whole lot of foods out there that I don’t enjoy – but raw radishes are one of them. A few years ago, though, I
  • Got a soft spot for tender, slow braised chicken? This recipe is for you… and it couldn’t be simpler. This Mother’s Day, my recipe comes straight from my mom! We were recently treated to a meal of hers, and I just had to get the details so that I could share her delicious creation. Super tender, fall apart chicken in a simple
  • A do-ahead, Mexican-style soup loaded with tender chicken, toothsome hominy, and a killer tomatillo-based broth. Cinco de Mayo, here we come! Fiesta! I love a dish that I can do completely ahead of time, especially for a party. With Cinco de Mayo falling on a school night this year, I admit, our party plans for the Mexican holiday
  • Sweet mango, succulent shrimp and crisp jicama, all wrapped up in a light and fresh spring roll… maybe the only thing better is my easy peanut sauce for dunking! Knowing I’m obsessed, a friend of mine recently asked, “Did you see what the groceries started carrying this week?” This time of year I’m on high alert for
  • Get your springtime salmon fix on with this richly-flavored, healthy and light supper. Somewhere between a sauce and a stew, my thick and smoky tomato braise is roundly spiced and supremely satisfying. “We’re saucy people.” (Meant quite literally.) If you’re anything like my aunt Sara and uncle Bill, you’re gonna love the ratios of
  • Fire up the grill!! It’s fun-in-the-sun time. Citrus-marinated chicken with a Caribbean vibe, grilled to perfection and served with creamy coconut rice… the forecast is looking bright and sunny on your plate!! In search of something new and fun to throw on the grill this weekend? Look no further! This recipe is so simple, yet
  • I am so excited! My new ombre baking collection has hit the stores. Each piece turned out gorgeously, and oh so perfectly functional. I’ll share why they are so special, and my take on the classic Chicken Marbella- the perfect dish to give these bakers a whirl! The 80’s are back, don’t you know? I missed the initial
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