• Tender and sweet scallops are given the star treatment with this zesty, vibrant marinade bursting with blackberries, citrus and fresh rosemary. Skewer them up, toss on the grill, and say hello to summertime livin’. I am always amazed that my three kids, growing up in the same household and served the same dinners, have such wildly
  • Got a minute? Be a superhero with this no-knead, no-rise, super easy, delightfully tangy flatbread. Just stir together, roll it out and flip it on a skillet – THAT’S IT! Perfect for sopping up creamy hummus or serving alongside whatever you’ve got on the grill! These have just the right chew and heartiness, but
  • Hello spring! Hello freshness! And let’s say hello to this couscous salad, full of bright crisp veggies. It’s a virtual escape to the Greek Isles. Healthy, delicious, and portable… … BUT, you had me at HELLO. Don’t know about you, but my family is craving fresh air and the freedom of the great outdoors right
  • Perfectly moist, chocolate-studded, cakey banana bars, which use ALMOND butter in place of regular BUTTER for added healthfulness… and they’re scrumptious! Got overripe bananas? It happens all the time! And Banana bread sure is delicious… But what else can you make? You woudn’t believe how often I get asked
  • Just in time for Cinco de Mayo… super cute, personal-sized taco muffin cups! Such a healthy and fun dinner! Simply layer wonton wrappers, beans, ground turkey, salsa and cheese, pop in the oven and they’re golden – and so are you 😉. A big thank you to my sister-in-law, who gave me this marvelous idea. She frequently makes
  • Breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner… ANYTIME is the BEST time for avocado toast! ** This post is part of the special Key Lime KIDS series, designed to help kids during these challenging times by providing entertaining and engaging activities for families to do together at home. RECIPES WILL BE ENJOYED BY KIDS AND ADULTS, ALIKE.
  • There are so many great ways to flavor deviled eggs! I’m using a tomato paste and paprika combo here to get the best color for the bunny paws, but also because, well… it’s heavenly! 😋 We LOVE smoked paprika in our house, so if you do too, feel free to substitute that for the sweet paprika. ** This post is part of
  • It’s gotten to be a pattern of late… our kids come in the kitchen while I’m making dinner and ask, “so where are we GOING tonight?” Since we have been home bound, to mix things up we have been taking a tour around the world with our MEALS! We’ve been to Sicily, Japan, India, and Spain, for tapas! We did Bruschetta on our “trip” to
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