Food Prep

  • In the fall, pomegranates are available in produce sections and are an amazing addition to everything from salads to breakfast bowls. They have great health benefits, and provide a not-too-sweet crunch and slight acidity to the dish, not to mention a bold dash of color. Start by cutting the fruit in half along its equator. I like to
  • There are over 500 varieties of mangoes. Wow! But just a few land on grocery store shelves or in the backyards of Florida. I like the less sweet, yellow mangoes for savory applications, such as salsas and ceviches, and sweeter varieties such as Kent and Hayden for baking and desserts. The principle is the same for cutting the fruit
  • Don’t waste precious asparagus. Holding both ends, bend it until it breaks. The stalk will snap naturally at the point where it becomes fibrous, leaving you with just the good bits and no guess work. Voila! More Tips and Tricks…
  • Truth be told, more often than not I use my vegetable scrub brush as opposed to my peeler. First, it’s quicker. But even more importantly to me, the skin of carrots, potatoes, beets, and other veggies have many nutrients and vitamins. My rule is that if I’m buying farm fresh or organic produce, I don’t peel. On the
  • I like to buy organic fruits and vegetables, but there are sometimes when it matters more than others. If using citrus zest, it is worth it to get lemons, limes, oranges, and grapefruit that is free of contaminants. When zesting, I like to use a fine grater, which is a readily available and indispensable kitchen tool. You want only
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