Dinner Party

  • Labor Day is here. Yes, the unofficial END of summer is this weekend. The last big hoorah, the last time we can wear white pants (wait, that’s not still a rule!), and the last excuse to party until… well the next party. Do you know what you’ll be having this weekend? I do. This simple – and simply delicious –  corn
  • Unabashedly. I. LOVE. SEAFOOD. Maybe it’s growing up in Florida? All those nights crabbing on Beer Can Island, hours spent collecting coquinas on the beach, having oyster stuffing at Granny’s for the holidays, or cracking stone crabs on special occasions… it all must have had an influence. Truth be told, I haven’t met a seafood that
  • Timing worked out serendipitously for sure. Many weeks ago as I was planning the third recipe in my mango series, cupcakes were on my radar. What I hadn’t done was check the calender! I was born on a Friday, a MONTH after my due date and weighing in at a whopping 10 lbs 12 oz!! – my poor mom. I arrived one day before my
  • We’re in week two of mango heaven! While no small part of me wanted to do three straight weeks of desserts for this mango mini-series, I decided to dive into the savory side with these shrimp and mango “tacos.” (Don’t fret, I’ve got a mango treat in store for next week!) In lieu of traditional tortillas, using lettuce wraps
  • I don’t have a favorite color, a favorite movie, a favorite flavor of ice cream… but, I do have a favorite fruit. It’s no secret I’ve got a huge crush on mango! One of the most juicy, most luscious fruits in existence, it’s perfect to indulge my sweet tooth. My mom and dad have a prolific mango tree, and this time of year
  • Creamy yet light. Cold and refreshing. This one’s inspired by my mother-in-law who was just over for a visit and LOVES cold soup on a hot summer’s day. Hey, and green is one of her favorite colors! Not only is my version delicious, healthy and satisfying—  it’s as easy as can be. No need to turn on a stove or oven, this
  • I love this holiday! Red, white and blue everywhere… the 4th of July spirit is so infectious. What’s more, two of our country’s favorite berries come together, lending a hand to make the desserts shared across our nation festive and fun. And for this Independence Day, do I have just the treat for you! Ripe, red
  • Maybe you’ve heard of the Negroni? It’s a classic Italian cocktail, one which I adore, and is enjoying a burst in popularity stateside. It’s a stiff drink though, and I often prefer something that’s a little lighter to wind into the evening— especially on a hot summer afternoon. Enter the Americano. It’s a Negroni minus the
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