Dinner Party

  • Tart. Sweet. Creamy. Gooey. CRUNCH! What more does a holiday appetizer need? Hmm, how about stunning good looks, and no-fuss preparation? Make this baked brie – and its zesty orange cranberry sauce – your go-to holiday app! It won’t take long… tummies will start to rumble with the first wafts of savory goodness
  • Don’t mind me as I scooch in, this savory classic NEEDS a seat at your Thanksgiving table. No knives here – just a big serving spoon to pierce the crust, and right on in to the warm, custardy interior. Though it looks like cornbread when viewed from the top, this spoon bread is ALL PUDDING on the inside, and it’ll
  • Everyone has that one thing… that one Thanksgiving tradition that you just can’t do without. No matter where you are or who you are celebrating with, Thanksgiving is not the same without [INSERT YOUR’S HERE]. What is your one thing?? For my mom, it’s a pumpkin pie. Or is it her famous cranberry mold? Or mashed potatoes?
  • Let’s MIX IT UP!  When I’m ready for an autumn cocktail, I’m leaving pumpkin spice for lattes- and eyeing sweet, cozy, APPLE CIDER. And really, could there be a better match for bold, caramelly rum? Grab your punch bowl, because WE’RE DOING FALL, Y’ALL!! 25 or so years ago, I lived in the Northeast and each year come
  •   As the saying goes, people eat with their eyes first. Have you been at a restaurant and had your socks knocked off by how beautifully your dish was plated? Or when scrolling through food photos realized that your tummy just started rumbling?? As a food writer, I’m acutely aware of these experiences- and when it comes to
  • What the heck are pizza beans you ask? Are they beans on pizza?? Pizza on beans?? You’re intrigued, I can tell. 😊 As far as I know the term was first coined by Deb Perelman, one of my favorite blogger/chefs, in her second cookbook. The story goes that she, 6 months pregnant, was invited to a potluck. Instead of making a
  • Apples, Pumpkins and Pears, OH MY!! Autumn is officially here. “Lexi, didn’t you just make a cake a few weeks ago?” YES. Yes I did… and do I have ANOTHER beauty for you.  Fall is THE BEST time for baking, and never fear, I’ve got cakes galore (check out my Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Muffins, Pumpkin Coffee Cake with Hazelnut Streusel,
  • It’s time to UP your hummus game. I’ve got just the way to take this standard appetizer from DULL (sorry, it just is) TO DELECTABLE. Sure you can peel back the plastic, and serve it right out of the tub alongside baby carrots and pita chips for an instant appetizer. But once you’ve tasted the GOOD STUFF, you’ll
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