Dinner Party

  • I had a totally different post all ready to go this week. But with plans tossed out of the window, COMFORT FOOD called! We are all cooking at home more than usual, so I thought I’d share a homey, hearty dish. This warm, cozy, cabbage pie hits all the right notes. My oldest daughter and I were having a cooking night together
  • In the beginning of March I had the privilege of leading a salsa course at the Bealls Store in Bradenton. To all those who attended, thank you for coming! I had SO much fun, and hope that you all did, too! It’s always SO great to meet fans and followers of Key Lime Lexi- those that a share passion for zesty food. We food bloggers
  • If pushed to come up with my FAVORITE thing about this salsa, I’d probably have to say it’s versatility. “Wait, not its flavor?? Can something so versatile also be truly delicious?” OF COURSE I wouldn’t give you anything that didn’t have STUNNING flavor! The oranges, poblanos and briny feta amp it up, and the
  • As a writer, I don’t make this next statement lightly… words can only do so much. If I told you HOW FLAVOR PACKED this tomato strawberry salsa is with the habanero and fresh mint, there’s a good chance you just wouldn’t believe me 🌶️. I’m convinced you’ve gotta make it for yourself to find out!
  • I was never one for bourbon or whiskey… that is until I had the opportunity to visit a small batch distillery and sample one of their super refreshing mixed drinks at the bar. You see, my only other experiences had been sipping brown
  • If you’re like me and most other people I know, you LOVE to eat. So love WHAT you eat! And what could be better than a huge dish of bubbling, cheesy, caramelized comfort? French Onion Soup, meet Pasta Bake. 🤝  Enjoying a scrumptious, homey meal is one of life’s greatest pleasures — it has the power to soothe, spark memories and
  • Looking for the perfect drink to serve your sweety on V-Day? How about a citrusy, floral and festively RED cocktail?  Often, I fall in love with drinks only to discover that the liquors used are so obscure or the recipe requires too many steps
  • Love is in the air. Chocolate is in your future! That special day full of pink hearts and candy boxes is rising on the horizon. I know what I’m making this 14th! A stunning heart-shaped chocolate confection. Are you familiar with Pavlova? IMHO, it’s one of the best things the Aussie’s have given the world… which says a
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