Dinner Party

  • Tender and sweet scallops are given the star treatment with this zesty, vibrant marinade bursting with blackberries, citrus and fresh rosemary. Skewer them up, toss on the grill, and say hello to summertime livin’. I am always amazed that my three kids, growing up in the same household and served the same dinners, have such wildly
  • Impossibly moist strawberry cupcakes with an extra creamy, cream cheese frosting. These “pull-apart” cupcakes are the perfect canvas for your festive Memorial Day embellishments! Red and blue beries will make this an IG worthy dessert. You GO, you rad baker! Wait a second, you think you’re NOT a baker? I hear it ALL the
  • What’s warm and toasty, cheesy and comforting- and full of bright spring flavors?? 🌷 THIS Asparagus & Spring Herb Strata, of course! So what exactly is a strata? And why should you make one for brunch? Much like a savory bread pudding, a strata is a simple baked dish made with milk, egg and cheese. It’s also
  • Not a common pairing, chocolate and lime… Let me tell you, it’s divine! Here, the subtle chocolate from the cookie crust is a great introduction to this combo. A bright, fresh and creamy lime filling, floating on a super crunchy chocolately layer… one bite and you’ll be hooked! ** This post is part of the special Key Lime
  • Ethereal clouds of sweet cream and perfect springtime strawberries – you are 5 ingredients away from heaven on earth. ** This post is part of the special Key Lime KIDS series, designed to help kids during these challenging times by providing entertaining and engaging activities for families to do together at home. RECIPES WILL
  • It’s gotten to be a pattern of late… our kids come in the kitchen while I’m making dinner and ask, “so where are we GOING tonight?” Since we have been home bound, to mix things up we have been taking a tour around the world with our MEALS! We’ve been to Sicily, Japan, India, and Spain, for tapas! We did Bruschetta on our “trip” to
  • I had a totally different post all ready to go this week. But with plans tossed out of the window, COMFORT FOOD called! We are all cooking at home more than usual, so I thought I’d share a homey, hearty dish. This warm, cozy, cabbage pie hits all the right notes. My oldest daughter and I were having a cooking night together
  • In the beginning of March I had the privilege of leading a salsa course at the Bealls Store in Bradenton. To all those who attended, thank you for coming! I had SO much fun, and hope that you all did, too! It’s always SO great to meet fans and followers of Key Lime Lexi- those that a share passion for zesty food. We food bloggers
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