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  • Wintertime is the best time for oven roasted vegetables. Winter squash, potatoes, sweet potatoes, celery root, sunchokes, parsnips and carrots each make for simple, healthy and delicious dinner sides. While the process of trimming, tossing with olive oil and salt and popping in the oven couldn’t be easier, I’ve got tips to help you
  • It’s one of my favorite ways to spend a Saturday night…  gathering with friends and family around my dinner table and enjoying good food and good company. Hosting a dinner party can feel a little overwhelming though, and the last thing you want is to feel stressed or disorganized. A little advanced planning makes ALL the
  • PARTY at your house! Everyone is going to have a BLAST when they gather together around the table for these three DIY winter-themed games. Perfect for all ages, they’re challenging enough for the older “kids” (this means YOU), yet simple enough for any littles in your life. Easy to set up, and easy to clean up- most
  • The holiday season is SUCH a special time of year! Family and friends gather to enjoy good cheer, good food and quality time together. Though as we also know, it can be an overwhelming stretch. Hosting visitors can amplify the chaos. Following my tips to being a conscientious houseguest will to help smooth any bumps on your road to a
  • I’m going to go out on a limb and say cheese and crackers are the ULTIMATE all-purpose appetizer. Minimal effort, plenty of flavor, and always a crowd-pleaser, a cheese platter is pretty perfect for any gathering.  Sure, anyone can toss a few hunks of cheese on a plate and call it a day… BUT to arrange a visually appealing AND
  • A small dinner party takes planning. BUT the biggest eating, cooking, and entertaining holiday of the year- WHOA- it’s a monster. I’ve got 13 tips to a more organized, less stressful Thanksgiving holiday, so you get to enjoy the day ALMOST as much as your guests!! ? AUTHOR’S NOTE to all the GRACIOUS GUESTS out there:
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