Pizza Party

Gather your friends, get your oven smokin’ hot, and step into “la dolce vita.” Pizza just happens to be one of my favorite foods, and is a natural for entertaining. One of the world’s ultimate comfort foods… I dare you to find someone who doesn’t love pizza. And at this party, there’s no need for a separate “kid friendly” meal. Often, I’ll portion off smaller pieces of dough for the little ones, and let them have fun shaping and topping their own. It’s so fun to see them get creative, and add toppings and flavors they might otherwise be adverse to try. The possibilities are endless when it comes to creating pizzas, but the menu below is a great place to begin. Hit the olive bar at your local grocer for an easy app, pour an Aperol Spritz, and get your party started!


Aperol Spritz

I can’t think of a better drink for a pizza party. Cool, refreshing, festive, and oh-so Italian- it’ll have your guests saying, “mama mia, pour me another!”

[Aperol Spritz recipe]

Lucy's Romanesco Salad

This tasty, veggie-packed salad can be assembled ahead of time and tossed just when serving so you can sit down while the pizza’s hot.

[Lucy’s Romanesco Salad recipe]

Potato Rosemary & Garlic Pizza

This pizza couldn’t be simpler, and yet still manages to have an understated elegance. Try it with my No-Knead Pizza Dough, or use store-bought dough for ultra-convenience.

[Potato Pizza recipe]

Dulce de Leche Semifreddo

A deliciously light (really!) way to end a pizza meal, this Italian dessert is a cinch to make and so incredibly satisfying.

[Dulce de Leche Semifreddo recipe]

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