A Fresh Start Begins with Breakfast

I love the decadence of the holidays. By the time that January rolls around, if you’re like me, we are looking for a rejuvinating start to the new year…

And many of us begin our January with the best intentions to eat healthfully. How long do you usually make it?

Sure, steamed broccoli and poached salmon tick the boxes and all, but day after day of bland meals will throw a wrench in the spokes of all best laid plans. You know that eating good-for-you food DOESN’T have to be hard, and certainly shouldn’t be flavorless.

I’ve got your back of course! This January, I’m rounding up the most popular Key Lime Lexi healthy recipes… dishes that are sure to ease your New Year’s resolution.

Kicking it off, I’ve got 6 easy to make and healthy breakfasts favorites. A smart place to start! Rise and shine, and step out into 2021 on the right foot. These yummy recipes will zest up your morning and help keep the health train rolling!


Make Ahead Healthy Quick & Easy Mid-Week


Slow Cooker Gingerbread Oatmeal

Sure, who doesn’t want to have CAKE FOR BREAKFAST?!? Most days though, and especially this time of year, starting out the day on a healthy note just feels great!

BUT let me tell you, this slow cooker oatmeal tastes as close to GINGERBREAD cake as you can get — though using comforting, healthy oats instead!

Plus, it’s done all in your crock pot… easy as pie!… read more & recipe

Slow Cooker Gingerbread Oatmeal in ramekin held by child


Coconut Yogurt Mango Smoothie

Packed with flavor. Ready in 2 minutes. AND a healthy start to your day.

This luscious breakfast smoothie is full of tropical vibes and is calling your name. Blend your way to bliss… read more & recipe

Coconut Yogurt Mango Smoothies in cups with pink and white paper straws


Carrot Apple Date Morning Muffins

An amazingly moist and delicious muffin cloaked in a good-for-you disguise. Chock full of apples, carrots, dates, walnuts and whole wheat flour, it seems like something you’d find on the menu of a trendy coffee joint in some big city.

But NOPE! They’re in YOUR kitchen and making you smile… read more & recipe

Carrot Apple & Date Morning Muffins stacked on a white serving platter with apples and a tea towel in background


Banana Oat Blender Pancakes with White Chocolate

During the week, it’s a scramble just to get out of the door. There’s no way I’m thinking about doing something home cooked.

So on Saturdays and Sundays, when we have a bit more time, I like to indulge in a special breakfast… read more & recipe

Banana Oat Blender Pancakes with White Chocolate


Everybody ❤️s Avocado… Toast

Breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner…

ANYTIME is the BEST time for avocado toast!… read more & recipe

Avocado Toast with olive oil and salt on cutting board


Raspberry Breakfast Bars

A healthy, make-ahead breakfast treat that tastes like a dessert bar? Yes, please!

Do these the night before for a fuss-free morning- just gently rewarm to serve- or they are quick to put together morning of and taste great warm out of the oven… read more & recipe

Raspberry Breakfast Bars


We’ve got so much more fun in store. If you are new to Key Lime Lexi and don’t yet receive my emails with new recipes and ideas for better living, scroll to the bottom of this page and SUBSCRIBE so you don’t miss out.


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