How to Throw a SUPER FUN Super Bowl Party

Everyone can name the the single biggest eating day of the year… But did you know that according to the USDA, Super Bowl Sunday ranks a close second?

Unlike that OTHER crazy food day in November, this one’s designed for people to LET LOOSE.  It’s all about snack food and beer. No fussy table settings, no thawing a bird for days, no stressing about when it will be done to perfection. And certainly, NO china! 

This is a sittin’ on the couch, eating on your lap, paper plates and cans of beer kind of afternoon. With a decidedly relaxed vibe though, there are still a few planning tips that will help you host a game-winning event! 

1.  Seating

Make sure you’ve got enough seating around the tv for all of your guests. Chances are there will be lots of up and down motion, but the big event IS all about what’s on the tube after all, and there needs to be adequate and comfortable viewing for all. For larger parties gather chairs from around the house, or borrow folding ones from a friend. 


2. Decorations

If you’re all about decor, go for it. I’ve seen some neat spreads. For me, I’d rather skip it for this party and focus on other stuff. Maybe I’ll buy some football themed cocktail napkins and paper plates, but that’s about the extent of it. No one’s gonna miss it.


3. Friendly Wagers

Stadium Turf with Seating in Distance_edited

One of my favorite- and my kids’ favorite- parts of the game is playing Squares. You can find out how to play with a quick online search (look up football squares). It’s a fun way to keep people interested, especially if it turns out to be a lackluster game. You can play for small prizes, or whatever you and your group feel comfortable with- traditionally squares are purchased. At the end of each of the four quarters there’s a “winner”, which helps everyone stay involved and invested in the game!


4. Beverages

I like to have a cooler or a large ice bucket for canned and bottled beer within close proximity of the tv, and keep extra in the fridge. Wine is less traditional, however, you know your guests and their preferences, so it might make sense to pick up a few bottles.

Also make sure you’ve got a selection of non-alcoholic drinks, and plenty of water within reach to keep people hydrated. I mix cans of sparkling water into the ice bucket.



Crab, Pineapple & Black Bean Nachos

It’s all about the snacks. The type will depend on your entertaining style. Are you a DIY’er like me? Or more of a buy everything already prepared? Or somewhere in the middle? No matter where you fall, have several different snacking options, positioned within reaching distance of the seating. You can absolutely ask people to bring an appetizer to help out. Also, make sure you have some little paper appetizer plates, which makes it easy for people to load up then sit down and enjoy the commercials… I mean the big game! Check out my Bites & Apps page for some killer nachos and spicy stuffed jalapenos!


6. Dinner

Snacking is such a big part of the evening, but you should also serve something more substantial- and I don’t think there is any better option than chili. Make it ahead, pop it in the slow-cooker, and keep warm until half time. Cornbread is an awesome accompaniment (I’ve got an amazing cornbread recipe on Key Lime Lexi! Come to think of it… I’ve also got a great turkey chili recipe!!! Check ‘em out!).


7. Sweets

Mexican Chocolate Brownies

Finally, don’t forget dessert! Sweet treats are a must, and should follow the same vibe as the rest of the meal. No plated or fussy desserts at this party! Think brownies (check out my Mexican Chocolate Brownies), cookies, chocolate covered pretzels, or other sweet finger foods. Those little appetizer plates I mentioned earlier are great to let people load up on treats, so make sure you buy double.


8. Clean up

Relatively speaking, this should be an easy party to clean up after. To make it even easier, make sure your trash cans are emptied before the party starts, and people know where to toss their cans and bottles too throughout the party. No doubt there will be crumbly chip pieces (hopefully that’s the worst of it!) on the floor, but hey, that’s why you got a dog right? 

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