Holiday Dinner Party

All things CITRUS!!! Winter is the best time for citrus fruit in Florida, and this holiday entertaining menu highlights one of the Sunshine State’s BEST assets. 

My mantra for ALL dinner parties is make-ahead, make-ahead, make-ahead!

If you are having guests over, you want to be enjoying their company, not be alone in the kitchen. All parts of this menu can be prepped ahead of time, leaving only the fish to be cooked off at serving. Cheers and enjoy!

White Citrus Sangria

White Citrus Sangria

Sangria gets better as it chills in the fridge- time allows the sweetness of the fruit to permeate the cocktail, hence it’s a great choice for a dinner party. Add to that its festive flare and it’s a win-win!

[White Citrus Sangria recipe]


Hearts of Palm, Avocado, & Pomegranate Salad

Hearts of Palm, Avocado & Pomegranate Salad

A bright and fresh accompaniment to fish, this salad is a cinch to put together. The hearts of palm and avocado add depth to this side salad, and the pomegranate seeds give it a lovely color and refreshing crunch. If you can’t find pomegranate, see the recipe for substitution ideas. 

[Hearts of Palm, Avocado, & Pomegranate Salad recipe]

Grouper with Citrus Tequila Salsa

Grouper with Citrus Tequila Salsa

There’s nothing quite like local Florida grouper. Topped with a citrusy salsa with a spike of tequila, you are going to love this entrée, and impress your guests.

The holiday season can get out of control with rich foods- and this dish is anything but. It’s so light and refreshing, though substantial in its own right. If you feel you’d like to offer an accompaniment, a nice rustic bread loaf or steamed rice is a good pair.

[Grouper with Citrus Tequila Salsa recipe]

Lemon Yogurt Cake

Lemon Yogurt Cake

Keeping on the winter citrus theme, this is the perfect ending for this holiday party. Such a pretty, simple cake, it’s a sweet ending without being cloying. Another make-ahead beauty! The lemon syrup keeps it moist and gives it that extra zing.

[Lemon Yogurt Cake recipe]



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  • Susan W Las says:

    I am a snowbird and so happy to back in the sunshine state. the recipes look so delicious,colorful and healthy,plan to try them all..thanks,adore citrus..even in water Happy Holidays Lexi!Keep the recipes coming.

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