Don’t Toss Out Parmigiano Reggiano Rinds

Did you know you can put the leftover rind from your Parmigiano to good use? The “King of Cheeses”, good quality, Italian parmigiano is one of the world’s most beloved. There’s nothing quite like a sprinkling of freshly grated parm on a steaming bowl of pasta or risotto. But once the cheese is gone, don’t toss the rind, instead save it in a sealed baggie in the fridge for the next time you make soup. Italians know that simmering the rind in the stew pot imparts flavor to a broth. When the soup is ready, simply fish out the rind and discard (or do as my kids like to do and scrape off any gooey bits and smear it on a piece of crusty bread). Yum.

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