Maybe you’ve heard of the Negroni? It’s a classic Italian cocktail, one which I adore, and is enjoying a burst in popularity stateside. It’s a stiff drink though, and I often prefer something that’s a little lighter to wind into the evening— especially on a hot summer afternoon.

Enter the Americano. It’s a Negroni minus the gin, with a splash of club soda in its place. Light, refreshing, and effervescent, it’s easy to put together and perfect to sip on out on the patio.

If you ever order this drink out at a restaurant, take it from my husband, make sure you specify, “Americano, the COCKTAIL”. Funny story. He and I were out at a cute neighborhood spot in Sarasota, and there was a drink special up on the chalkboard. My husband inquired about it and also checked with the server about the beer they had on draft. He left and returned a few minutes later to take our order. In the meantime my husband settled on an Americano and I ordered a white wine. As soon as he walked away, my husband mentioned that he thought the server had given him a sort of strange look while he was ordering, but we went on with our conversation not thinking much more about it. Five minutes drinks arrived. One glass of white wine… and one cup of steaming hot COFFEE!! You see, after talking through the cocktails and beer, the server thought it was funny that my husband ordered the “espresso drink, Americano”. My husband being the good guy that he is drank half and then ordered a beer. 🙂

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Americano (cocktail)

Prep Time2 mins
Servings: 1


  • 1 ½ ounces campari
  • 1 ½ ounces sweet vermouth
  • Club soda
  • Orange or lemon slice for garnish


  • Fill a rocks glass with ice. Add the campari and vermouth and stir gently. Top with soda water (about 4 ounces), and ganish with the orange or lemon slice.

Tips & Tricks

If Campari isn't your favorite, try it with Aperol or Cappelletti instead. You'll get a similar drink without the bitter.


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