7 Kitchen Essentials I Can’t Live Without, That Also Make Great Gifts!

I’ve been cooking for nearly all my professional life… and when I’m not in my own kitchen I’ve learned to make do with pretty much anything. BUT there are certain tools I use that make my life SO much easier, and my food SO much tastier! With the holidays coming up, this is also a great list to work from for anyone you know who loves to cook, or could just use a few new zesty pieces in their kitchen! 

1. Zester

I use my zester daily! Citrus zest goes into ALMOST every meal in my kitchen, but I use my zester for so much more! I use it for grating ginger and garlic, nutmeg and cheese to name a few! Using a zester in your cooking is a super simple way to add bold flavor to your dishes.

Zester kitchen gadget

Key Lime Lexi Zester…
Available at your local Bealls store or On-line


2. Chef Knife

A well-made chef’s knife may be the most important item in one’s kitchen. This 8″ knife is not only sturdy and built-to-last, but is affordable as well. My mother-in-law would frown if I didn’t mention her superstition in giving knives as gifts though! As it goes… very bad luck and can sever the relationship between the gift giver and receiver. To get around the superstition, whenever she gifts a knife to someone, she insists that they give her a penny in return. That way it’s technically NOT a gift since they’ve paid her for it… and therefore any potential for bad luck is squashed! 

Key Lime Lexi 8 In Chef Knife

Key Lime Lexi 8″ Chef Knife…
Available at your local Bealls store or On-line


3. Citrus Juicer

From salad dressings to cocktails to tacos! I can’t live without my citrus press. Not only does it make short work out of juicing lemons and limes, but you get more juice than hand squeezing alone. Winter is citrus season, so brighten up those short winter days! This is a great stocking stuffer, or pair it with a zester for a perfect gift for the citrus lover in your life!

Key Lime Lexi Citrus Juicer

Key Lime Lexi Juicer…
Available at your local Bealls store or On-line


4. Dish Towel

I know that I cook a lot, more than most people, though I go through AT LEAST 2 dish towels a day, and I need to replace them about twice a year as they get pretty beaten up! No matter how much or how little you cook, dish towels are a MUST in any kitchen, and always make a great gift. Key Lime Lexi brand towels are cute and colorful, adding a little fun to anyone’s home! 


Key Lime Lexi Be Grateful Tea Towel

Key Lime Lexi Be Grateful Tea Towel…
Available at your local Bealls store or On-line

5. Pinch Bowls

The key to stress free cooking is what the French call, “mise-en-place”. This roughly translates to “everything in place.” Essentially, it means if you prep your ingredients, your cooking will go much more smoothly, and importantly allow you to be a more relaxed cook. These pinch bowls come in a 5 piece set of various sizes for everything from chopped onions to spices. 

Key Lime Lexi 5 Piece Pinch Bowl Set

Key Lime Lexi 5 Pc. Pinch Bowl Set…
Available at your local Bealls store or On-line

6. Batter Bowl

Can’t you just imagine mixing up a decadent holiday cake in this cute mixing bowl? Or some pancakes for the grand-kids on Christmas morning? Just the right size with a handy handle and convenient pour spout, this will be a hit in your kitchen, and add a nice pop of color!

Key Lime Lexi Batter Bowl

Key Lime Lexi Batter Bowl…
Available at your local Bealls store or On-line

7. Baking Dish

We are deep into holiday season, and these deep dish bakers are a must for this time of year! From stuffings to lasagnas and mac ‘n cheese for the kids’ meal, to breakfast casseroles for your house guests (baked french toast anyone?), to desserts like apple crisps, cakes and brownies- these bakers do it all!

Key Lime Lexi Rectangular Baking Dish 16 x 9

Key Lime Lexi Rectangular Baking Dish…
Available at your local Bealls store or On-line




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